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Have you gone to the authorities with information about improper conduct from your employer? Are you the subject of a federal qui tam action under the False Claims Act? If you are, then it is crucial that you start safeguarding your interests immediately. Whistleblowers—while often appreciated by the public—frequently become the subject of retaliation or other adverse actions from their employers as they try to do the right thing.

At Lopez Law Group, our team is familiar with the laws that protect whistleblowers in these cases and the benefits these individuals are entitled to receive under the False Claims Act. If you believe that your employer is misusing federal funding, our trusted Weslaco whistleblower lawyer can help navigate your case, protect your interests, and ensure that you receive the recognition and compensation you deserve.

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Understanding the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act was established to crack down on companies who received federal money but then proceeded to misuse that money (or defrauded the government to receive the money in the first place). Not only does the law provide legal protections for the whistleblower in these cases, it also provides the whistleblower a financial reward for exposing the fraud in some cases. These whistleblower actions are considered "qui tam" actions.

Common qui tam actions include:

  • False pharmaceutical marketing
  • Promoting off-label drugs
  • Tampering with food labeling (or false labeling)
  • Claiming false Medicare reimbursement (Medicare fraud)

Texas also has similar laws for companies that are found to be defrauding the state government. If you have critical information about your employer you are planning to come forward with, it's crucial that you do so with counsel who is familiar with the local and federal laws that provide protection and, if applicable, can compensate you for your bravery and integrity with this matter. At Lopez Law Group, we're ready to provide that counsel, protect your reputation, and ensure that the gravity of your actions is fully recognized by the government.

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