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Contracts are essential to doing business in nearly every industry. They forge beneficial agreements between parties, safeguard assets, and provide the protections companies need to thrive in the marketplace. When these contracts, however, are not honored by all parties, businesses and livelihoods can be put at risk.

AtLopez Law Group, we understand how critical it is for businesses to resolve a contract dispute as swiftly and favorably as possible. Our Weslaco commercial litigation lawyer brings an incisive, comprehensive approach to these breach of contract matters and always keeps our clients' rights and interests and the forefront of our strategy. Every effort will be made to resolve your dispute outside of litigation but, if necessary, our firm is ready to assert your interests in the courtroom, as well.

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Often, contracts outline what penalties can be legally enforced if a breach occurs-- but not always. Whether your contract in question provides penalties or not, it is recommended that you seek experienced legal counsel in order to secure damages for the harm that has been done to your business by the other party.

Damages in breach of contract cases can include: 

  • Specific performance: the court orders a specific service be rendered

  • Restitution: both parties are restored to their position before the contract

  • Loss of credit: financial compensation for loss of credit, bankruptcy

  • Liquidated damages: damages provided by the contract in the event of a breach

  • Compensatory damages: money ordered by the court for damages

  • Loss of use: money provided based on time needed to repair damages

  • Rescission: if the contract required a passing of valuable assets between parties, the assets are returned

  • Incidental damages: awarded money for foreseeable damages.

If your business has been harmed by a breach of contract, then the time to start exploring your legal options is now. Lopez Law Group is ready to start assessing your options and ensure that throughout every stage of your case, the wrongdoing against you is vividly put forth put forth before the law.

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